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New monthly Tina Bydlíme (Living magazine)

23 / 09 / 2011

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Bauer Media's portfolio has been expanded with another new title under the Tina masthead - this time by the monthly Tina Bydlíme. As the by-line of the magazine - "Anybody can afford beautiful living" - suggests, Tina Bydlíme seeks to be seen as a gentle, practical mentor for all those who want to live nicely, without the necessity of a fat bank account.

Without unnecessarily long-winded articles each issue will guide the magazine's readers through a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a nursery, a bedroom, a bathroom and a hallway. In the form of brief tips and tricks it will show how these rooms can be adapted, what is new on the market, and also provide inspiration for those with skilful hands. Also not left-out will be financial advice, tips for owners of cottage and pet lovers. "Tina Bydlíme will speak to Do-It-Yourselfers, inventive housewives and others who seek for inspiration, like to experiment in their homes and have a yen to make improvements so that it will all feel cosy," says Renata Fialová, the Editor-in-Chief of this new monthly.

Tina Bydlení is issued with an average of 68 pages at the reasonable price of CZK 25.

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