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One of the best read magazines for women on the Czech market. Week after week its pages are full of ways for women to find answers to their questions or advice on their problems. There is relaxation too in the form of reports about interesting women that have managed to overcome problems in life and make their dreams come true and stories from life, all accompanied by advice from a psychologist and crosswords aplenty. The magazine also brings you tried-and-tested recipes, including cut-out recipes and top culinary tricks, health topics expertly dealt with by specialists, news from the world of medicine and articles about alternative medicine. There is also advice on how to care for your body and soul (cosmetics and wellness, psychological advice clinic). The great merit of Tina is its pleasant style, reliable information, beautiful photographs and top quality.

Price: 13.00 Kč
Next issues:
5. 11. 2014 - No. 45
12. 11. 2014 - No. 46
19. 11. 2014 - No. 47

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