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Chvilka pro tebe

Women magazines / weekly / wednesday

Chvilka pro tebe is a successful weekly magazine that regularly occupies first spot in reader and sales figures for magazines for women in the Czech Republic. The magazine is aimed at competitive readers that like solving crosswords and entering competitions to win attractive prizes that are unmatched on the Czech market for their attractiveness and value. It is also the magazine for readers that love powerful human tales and true stories, often from our readers themselves, accompanied by the opinions of experts in terms of how to best act in these sorts of situations. There are also regular sections with recipes, advice on health and households, cosmetic tips, ideas for where to go on holiday and much, much more.

Price: 22.00 Kč
Next issues:
22. 10. 2014 - No. 43
29. 10. 2014 - No. 44
5. 11. 2014 - No. 45

Chvilka pro tebe
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