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/ Yellow magazines

Bravo / Youth and teen magazines


The best-read magazine for teenagers in the Czech Republic Red-hot news from the world of stars, music, film and technology. Posters, competitions, Love and Sex column, photo story and a gift with each issue!

Claudia / Women magazines


Claudia is a magazine for women that offers everything that women enjoy when they want to relax, all for an attractive price. The magazine’s outstanding feature is its precise mix of the right topics and their high quality.

Čas na lásku / Story magazines

Čas na lásku

Are you in love with romantic stories full of love, desire, passion, emotion, fateful encounters and unexpected twists, almost always with a happy ending? Then this is the magazine for you.

Chvilka pro luštění / Hobby magazines

Chvilka pro luštění

Chvilka pro luštění is a monthly specially designed for lovers of Swedish crossword puzzles. The practical small format will fit in a pocket and handbag and you can really enjoy solving the puzzles without further ado. Moreover you can win on each side!

Chvilka pro luštění OSMISMĚRKY / Hobby magazines

Chvilka pro luštění OSMISMĚRKY

If you are serious about crosswords, you simply cannot miss this magazíne!

Chvilka pro luštění SUDOKU / Hobby magazines

Chvilka pro luštění SUDOKU

A special SUDOKU magazine in a practical pocket format is being published under the heading of the crossword monthly Chvilka pro luštění.

Chvilka pro relax / Hobby magazines

Chvilka pro relax

Chvilka pro relax is published six times a year as a crossword special to accompany Chvilka pro tebe. It is a magazine packed full of crosswords, fun quizzes, tests and sudoku for your free time. The special is aimed at readers of Chvilka pro tebe and anyone else who likes crosswords and competitions.

Chvilka pro tebe / Women magazines

Chvilka pro tebe

Chvilka pro tebe is one of the most popular and best-read magazines for women in the Czech Republic. The magazine is aimed at competitive readers that love human stories and good advice and that are happiest relaxing with a read and some crossword puzzles.

Chvilka v kuchyni / Hobby magazines

Chvilka v kuchyni

The magazine is one of a group of titles of the successful women’s weekly Chvilka pro Tebe. This new magazine of Bauer Media publishers brings many recipes directly from readers.

Krimi speciál / Hobby magazines

Krimi speciál

This is a totally exclusive and unique magazine that cannot be rivalled on the Czech market and is part of the group of titles of the magazine Chvilka pro tebe.

Lissy / Youth and teen magazines


Lissy is a new bimonthly for all girls aged 7 – 13 who have fallen in love with horses and animals

Luštění pro děti / Youth and teen magazines

Luštění pro děti

A fun magazine for children aged 4 to 8. It is an aid to parents to help their children to learn their first letters, numbers, skills and logical thinking. Word search puzzles, riddles, join the dots.

Napsáno životem / Story magazines

Napsáno životem

A magazine full of genuine life stories. Whether the stories are moving, happy, dramatic or sometimes shocking or sad, you can be sure they are always genuine; written by life itself.

Nejchutnější recepty / Hobby magazines

Nejchutnější recepty

The magazine is inspired by the culinary column of the social weekly magazine Rytmus života (Rhythm of Life). It contains more than 50 recipes.

Omalovánky moudré sovy / Youth and teen magazines

Omalovánky moudré sovy

A magazine aimed at nursery-age children (3 to 5 years of age) full of colouring-in, simple counting activities and activities to encourage young children to make their first attempts at writing.

Pestrý svět / Yellow magazines

Pestrý svět

Pestrý svět is a progressive society weekly, one of the most popular in the Czech Republic. Ever since 2004, when the first issue saw the light of day, its popularity has risen sharply, with the number of readers outstripping most competing magazines many times over.

Příběhy z ordinace / Story magazines

Příběhy z ordinace

Would you like to enter the attractive setting of a hospital clinic or surgery? Do you want to read lively stories and curious cases experienced by doctors and nurses with their patients and vice-versa? Are you interested in the fate of people who had to come to terms with their illness or the affliction of their relatives?

Retro speciál / Yellow magazines

Retro speciál

A magazine about legends. It brings things of interest about the lives of prominent personalities, contemporary, historical, Czech and world giants.

Rytmus života / Yellow magazines

Rytmus života

Rytmus života magazine is far and away the best-selling and most-read society weekly, mainly thanks to its unique concept and high quality content. The magazine has won a million satisfied readers since its launch.

Štěstí a nesnáze / Story magazines

Štěstí a nesnáze

Are you interested in human fate and life stories? Štěstí a nesnáze magazine is packed with absorbing, sad or moving stories, stories of love, awkward situations and humorous tales.

Tajemné příběhy / Story magazines

Tajemné příběhy

If you are interested in things between heaven and earth, unexplainable mysteries, secret signs and paranormal phenomena then this magazine is designed for you.

Tina / Women magazines


One of the best read magazines for women on the Czech market. Tina understands health matters and cooking, offers great instructions for baking, cooking, cleaning your home, bringing up children, household care, growing plants and travelling.

Tina Bydlíme / House magazines

Tina Bydlíme

The monthly on home living is full of practical advice and useful tips for a broad circle of readers. It is the home that is the focus of attention of this magazine.

TV Max / TV guides

TV Max

A successful, modern, dynamic fortnightly television magazine that comes in a pleasing format with 106 pages of news from the world of film and television, the top 39 TV channels and 14 in-depth recommendations for each and every day’s viewing.

TV Plus / TV guides

TV Plus

TV Plus is a TV magazine in which you will find much more than just a comprehensive guide to television programmes. This is the magazine for all of those that enjoy watching TV and that want to know more about the faces they see and for those who like cooking, travelling or trying to win attractive prizes.

TV Revue / TV guides

TV Revue

TV Revue is a clearly-arranged TV guide that features interviews with actors and presenters and news about foreign stars. There are also in-depth articles on the best films you can see on the small screen.

Týdeník Televize / TV guides

Týdeník Televize

Týdeník Televize is a clearly-arranged, in-depth TV guide for demanding television viewers with plenty of TV tips, news about programmes being made and those being aired and much more. It comes out every Tuesday.

Vaříme krok za krokem / Hobby magazines

Vaříme krok za krokem

This magazine with an unusually friendly format is issued each month and features recipes for both working days and holidays, sweet and savoury, simple or complex, but ALWAYS simply explained step-by-step and illustrated with photos.

Žena a život / Women magazines

Žena a život

Žena a život is a lifestyle magazine for women aged between 25 and 45 that is able to combine elements of global trends with Czech reality in areas such as fashion, cosmetics, cooking and home decoration.